Private & Group Surf Lessons | Oceanside, CA

Whether you need some one-on-one time or a learning experience with family or friends, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Private Lessons

Private surfing lessons offer a very specialized structure and tailored surf experience to the individuals ability and needs. This surf lesson is designed to progress you through the art of surfing on a format which is designed for you to succeed! Our experienced instructors, hands on approach during this one on one is a fantastic choice for the beginner, intermediate and or advanced surfer. Detailed attention and direct catering with positive feedback offers the student the ability to advance in the sport of surfing at a rapid rate.

With this lesson and all our classes: You receive a custom full suit, board choice to meet your ability along with the instructor in the water progressing you through the lesson!

When booking a private lesson, you will meet your instructor at the Oceanside Pier Kiosk (on the strand at the pier) or a place requested and or predetermined. Your meeting location will be confirmed at the time of scheduling.

Private surfing lessons are available all week, and all year round!

Call 760-456-5593 to schedule your lesson today

Group Lessons

Our group lessons cover all you need to know about surfing. From the intro basics to intermediate, here you can build your skills to the next level. We will teach all aspects of the sport and have you gliding on top of the world! Our world class teaching covers, board shape and design, how to handle it, putting on the leash (back leg), safety in the impact zone, paddling power, turtling, popping up, positioning and solid foot placement, reading swell directions, catching the waves, dropping in, riding and turning. Our instructors are there in the water progressing you through the instruction at all times. Our experienced and knowledgeable crew will give positive feedback and help you master the sport in a very short time. Book your lesson today 760-456-5593