About Surfin Fire

The story, the staff, and everything in between.

Surfin Fire has been in business since 1997. We our a privately permitted and insured business, owned and operated by Jon Peterson. JP is genuinely excited about sharing the thrill of surfing with the world!

Today, you will most likely find “JP” (Jon Peterson) on the beach; teaching a lesson, coaching the school kids, or simply enjoying the surf with his daughters! Often times, you can find him on the sand! JP is certainly proud of his daughters surfing achievements! They both have received top honors in the ISF & WSA competition series.

How Surfin Fire Came To Be

When Jon Peterson’s two daughters were old enough to learn to surf, he developed a surf camp curriculum for friends & family. The positive experiences that came of it, evolved into what is now, Surfin Fire surf school...

The community now recognizes the success rate of how Surfin Fire can accomplish teaching the fundamentals of the sport & providing a level of consciousness of safety behind Surfin Fire’s programs.

Being a father of two girls, JP knew what parents were looking for when it came to learning to surf & building confidence in the ocean, safety always being his number one focus.

About the Owner

Nearly everything Jon Peterson incorporates into his teaching techniques and the provisions of his surf camp programs comes from his extensive background in public safety and administration. Jon Peterson is a 36 year veteran of the Encinitas Fire Department with certificates in teaching CPR/1st Aid certification and a swift water rescue team member.

He has an intense passion for the sport of surfing and is driven to bring the experience safely to others. He incorporates his expert knowledge in safety & his myriad of past experiences in the surf arena to the organization. He has an outstanding approach to teaching and coaching all ages & personality types.

While in his college years, he managed a pro & amateur surf team for a progressive apparel line targeting the surf industry. During his fire academy years he supervised a surf camp program for an Orange County chapter of the YMCA.

As a remarkable athlete excelling in the sport of water polo, he competed at the high school & college level with national honors. Taking his passion for the sport to the next level, he coached water polo for Carlsbad High School and Palomar College in the 1990’s. His positive coaching styles took both teams to the CIF level.

Jon Peterson’s passion for the sport keeps him surfing at the competition level; he continues to compete in the California State Firemen Olympics, the NSSA, the WSA, and local long board club competitions. He incorporates teaching the fundamentals of contest surfing into the surf camp curriculum in hopes to inspire the young surfers to stay with the sport and set goals for the future.

Jon Peterson plays a key role in the ISF (Interscholastic Surfing Federation) as a coach. Currently, he volunteers his time coaching the Carlsbad High School Girls Team. He has also volunteers his time to make competitive surfing available to the kids who attend private schools in North County San Diego and is the founder & coach for the Waverider Surf Club Team at the middle school level.

Jon Peterson is a strong supporter of public and private education. For several years he donates his camp to numerous local schools as a vehicle to raise funds for the school financial needs. He is a strong contributor when it comes to community involvement. He donates his organization’s assistance in community surf events such as The Encinitas Surf Festival, which is a charitable event held to raise funds to support local area schools and organizations needing financial assistance.

Jon Peterson is an advocate for safe surfing. He connects with people in an honest and professional manner. In addition, he is a firm believer in esteeming our youth via positive confidence building opportunities as they present themselves through learning to surf.

Jon Peterson is a talented coach with a warm genuine approach to connecting with people. His passion for the sport, his expert knowledge in safety, and his coaching experience puts Surfin Fire, Inc. as a superior leader in the surf school arena...

About the Staff

The management team is a very motivated, experienced and well qualified group of individuals. Surfin Fire is trained, directed, and managed by Jon Peterson, who is currently employed by the city of Encinitas as a firefighter engineer. He has been with the department for 23 years.

It is Surfin Fire’s mission to deliver to the consumer, high standards of safety while learning to surf. Surfin Fire is consistent on the operation standard of always having an off duty firefighter, lifeguard, or certified EMT, on the premises to support safety ethics and standards for our summer surf camps and clinics. Surfin Fire employs firefighters, lifeguards, EMT’s, and highly skilled CPR/1st Aid certified surfers & water men & women. All instructors employed by Surfin Fire exhibit a strong sense of commitment to safety while helping others to learn to surf!