Carlsbad Surf Club

This is the Surf Club for all of Carlsbad residents and beyond, Including the surrounding cities, states and countries. People of all ages, male and female and of all abilities and levels are welcome! Eligibility is - novice, intermediate, advanced, expert and pro, etc. The club members will meet and surf (3-5 days a month) @ Ponto on Thursdays after school - The surf sessions will be supervised by the coaching staff from @ Surfin Fires Surf Camps . This sessions (3.5 months) South Ponto - Members can join at any time for the specified period. Ponto South Beach @ Surfin Fire's surf school location.

The goal of the Carlsbad club is to get all participants to the next level they desire. Working with the coaching and conditioning staff of pros we aim to build on all aspects of each individual’s levels. Students will learn - Ocean awareness, wave knowledge, contest surfing, Heat management, self-scoring along with strength conditioning and much more. We will steer those individuals towards free and contest surfing along with prepping individuals for SSS, NSSA, WSA, Club boardriders and other select independent contests throughout the region. The focus will be working on proper detailed techniques in correct paddling positioning, pop up techniques, body rotation for harder smother turns, wave selection and overall skill sets to help improve the individuals everyday surfing performance.

Also an excellent program for all including if you're thinking about participating on the local teams. Private coaching will be available upon request at an additional cost (discount rate for club members).

Club members will have opportunities to do fundraising events and save up for surf trips, Bbq's & parties and other fun club getaways.

The program is designed around improving your skills, through coaching and practices.

The club fee cannot be prorated if you come after the initial month it starts. The club fee remains the same throughout sessions.